“The wine should always be present next to a dish, especially on the Christmas festive meal. What wine goes best with a steak if not the local one, from the sunny hills of Dobrogea? Histria Winery wanted to prove that Dobrogea has 5-star wines so they launched the first variety of wines. We refer to Mirachi Line, inspired by the story of Aromanians living in Cogealac, a commune in Constanta County, where is located the vineyard, but also by the story of Histria Fortress. ‘From our vineyard one can see Histria Fortress, a place full of history and a region where 80% of the population is Aromanian. This inspired us in choosing the name – Histria Winery and the logo. The logo contains the only coin from Histria throughout its history’, stated the Administrative Manager of Viticola SA Histria Winery, Mr. Paul Fulea. Those who love this wine have an extra reason to cheer up for.

They can choose from a wide range of wines that they consider suitable for various occasions. Each wine tells its story, from the grape berry sunbathed and caressed by the sea breeze that bathes the shores of Histria Fortress until the perfumed, magic potion in the glass. Mirachi Line contains a white wine Sauvignon Blanc, from grapes picked from a vineyard that is 10 years old, a Cabernet Sauvignon Rose still 10 years old, a Merlot obtained from a vineyard which is 40 years old and will include a red Cabernet Sauvignon from a 10 years old vineyard’, said Fulea. Mirachi means love, longing, sorrow, a feeling which is often found in Aromanian poems and songs. ‘This carefully selected variety is a contentment and gratitude to the Aromanian people who suffered so much throughout the history and with whom we lived together in tranquillity, peace and harmony’, according to Viticola SA Administrative Manager. If you want to buy a special gift both for Christmas and other occasions, you can do it in Café True Story of Tomis Mall, 3rd floor, or you can order online a bottle of wine, at www.cramahistria.ro.”

Author: Cristina CLESIU

Source: http://www.telegrafonline.ro/