Every wine that you can find in Histria Winery Online Shop is rated on the four essential parameters that you need to know in order to make the right choice and have the best experience.
The grape variety is crucial when you choose your wine and is resposible for colour, taste and flavor. Our Histria Winery Online Shop offers you white, rosé and red wines which are made of noble grape varieties, grown in our own vineyard, traditionally hand picked and carefully selected.
With a proper wine pairing, food actually tastes better. For each of our wines in Histria Winery Online Shop we provide specific information and pairing recommendations so that you have the best tasting experience with every sip of our wines.
Serving temperature influences wine tasting. No ideal wine serving temperature does indeed exist, and yet there is an optimal wine serving temperature that wine tasters recommend for every wine in our Histria Winery Online Shop.
Alcohol content affects wine taste perception. The alcohol taste gives a hot impression with a lightly pungent note on the palate. The alcohol content determines certain taste effects that can only give you a full experience of flavour with every sip of our wines.
We take pride in providing you the best quality wine experience. We make sure that proper temperature and humidity storage conditions are always met. We guarantee the most secure and quick delivery time. Please find below more information on orders and shipping conditions.
Your time is important to us so we do our best to suit your lifestyle. Histria Winery Online Shop offers Romanian wines with an authentic touch of Dobrogea’s flavours. We know you are always on the run. Histria Winery Online Shop is always open for you so that you can buy the wine whenever you need. Our offer is rich in choices you can make, from rosé to white and red wines, each of exceptional taste and flavour, all available with pairing suggestions. A wide selection of wines is readily available for you, high-quality wines, with plenty of promotions, offers and savings. Choose a good wine and surprise your family or friends. Don’t worry about the shipping: we deliver everywhere you ask. Histria Winery Online Shop offers individual packaging for each bottle. The best wines in our online store await for your choice. With one click, you can get easy access directly to the wine type and colour you prefer. Because your time is important to us. We receive orders 24 hours a day ever day so don’t worry about wine shopping. Histria Winery Online Shop is always open for you. Start now and choose a white wine and then follow up with the others. Histria Winery Online Shop is always open for you!
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