Paul Fulea, Administrative Manager of S.C. Viticola S.A. Cogealac: ‘We are cultivating 200 hectares of vineyard, of which 150 in lease and 50 in a partnership with a wine producer. Approximatively 40-50% of treatments are provided with Syngenta products, of which we are very satisfied. We use Thiovit Jet, Topas, Affirm and Switch. I must note that in 2012, when I took over the vineyard, it was over 40 years old, less than 40 hectares planted with table grapes. So I decided to change the business activity and we have already implemented two programs, one on 47 ha and the other on 32 ha. We also replanted 5 ha of table grapes from personal funds and we started to work out the third reconversion plan for 11 ha. Next fall we will start the fourth reconversion plan on 24.5 ha. Thus, the structure of the grapes will be 50% black varieties – Pinot Noir, Ca­bernet, Merlot and Feteasca Neagra and 50% white varieties – Sauvignon Blanc, Char­donnay, Pinot Gris and Feteasca Re­gala.

It is a very ambitious program, considering that during 2016-2017 will be a very difficult period, because the company has dimensioned production at least 800 tons of grapes annually and we will reach a maximal production of 600 tons. It will be an austerity period but within 5-6 years the vineyard will produce about 1.000-1.200 tons of grapes for wine, the equivalent of 130 ha of grape-bearing vine. Considering the potential amount of grapes, but also the high competition in the market, the grapes being marketed below the production price, we decided to develop an investment in the winery. Thus in 2015 we began the investment in a boutique winery with a capacity of 30,000 litres, which is now functional. In December this year we will produce the first wines Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Ca­bernet Sauvignon Rose. These are dry wines, because we want to feel the flavour of the grape not the sugar sweetness. The wines will be marketed under the name of the region Histria Winery and under the Mirachi brand.

From our vineyard one can see Histria Fortress, a place full of history and a region where 70-80% of the population is Aromanian. Mirachi is the brand that addresses to Aromanian people, many of the vineyard workers belonging to this ethnic group. Mirachi means love, longing, sorrow, a feeling which is often found in Aromanian poems and songs. This choice has been an appreciation and gratitude to this people who suffered so much throughout the history and with whom we lived together in tranquillity, peace and harmony!’